Looking to transform your backyard into a paradise? Look no further than Lush Palm Landscapes. With our meticulous design process and expert knowledge, we carefully select the perfect plants and craft a layout that will bring your dreams to life. Whether you need assistance with irrigation systems or want to create a stunning landscape, WE DESIGN landscapes and will help you every step of the way.

Had a wonderful time working with Brent on our landscaping project in our front yard area. He installed irrigation and tropical plants to create a welcoming and lush space. He also planted a koa tree in our backyard from his own nursery, irrigated too for easy maintenance. Will hire again for our future projects.
Carrie W.


Wondering how that amazing yard became so breathtaking? It’s because the person behind its installation knows how to do more than just “install.” While every landscape company claims to install landscapes, I view it differently. Landscapes are living creations that continue to flourish even after their creators leave. Our work thrives in the ground, nurtured by water, and above all, reflects the artistry of the earth.

As a recent military retiree, I appreciated Brent’s passion, commitment and dedication to getting the job done the RIGHT way the FIRST time! Unlike others who were eager to provide an estimate without truly investigating what was causing my backyard drainage issue, Brent spent a considerable amount of time during our initial consultation to uncover the root cause and provided multiple solutions, which gave him instant credibility. Throughout the project, his attention to detail and professionalism further convinced me I had made the right decision. Couldn’t be happier with the final result and would definitely work with him again on future landscaping projects. Mahalo, Brent, for helping me actualize my vision!
Kevin Jun


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Why dose that landscape look so nice every time you pass by it? The answer is because someone cares, they look after the landscape, making sure that each part of the yard is detailed and cleaned under every leaf. There are no dead plants because the irrigation system is working properly due to proper checkups and maintenance, there are no piles of dead leafs laying around, each section of the yard is mowed, hedged and cared for with great care and detail. At Lush Palm Landscapes WE CARE for the landscape.
lawn maintenance

We needed to fix a poorly installed irrigation system in the front area of our house in Wilhemina Heights, and install a new irrigation system and plant a back hillside area. I live in Singapore and needed to find a reliable, competent and knowledgeable landscaper who could work without supervision but keep me well informed. I interviewed several candidates and chose Brent because of his evident passion for plants, good ideas and competence. He wasn’t the cheapest but he was far and away the most thoughtful and helpful. Before he was hired, Brent spent 60 -90 minutes with me to discuss different ideas for the project and had great suggestions for the irrigation system and which plants would grow well given our conditions given his personal experience. For example, Brent suggested replanting some plants we had growing in a forgotten corner of our yard instead of buying new plants, which saved us a lot. Brent and his crew then installed the new system and plants while keeping me fully informed remotely. Recently visited our house and everything works and looks great. I can now control my irrigation system and monitor water usage from Singapore using my phone. Will definitely use Brent for future projects. Most of all he is passionate about plants and his work, which I really appreciated. Recommend him highly.

Michael Y.




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