Along the river banks of the quite peaceful Anahulu River behind old historic Haleiwa town, is a landscape that is a solace for the mind and soul. Welcome to Anahulu.

Anahulu Landscape

The journey on the Anahulu River landscape began with a vision to revive and rejuvenate this charming property’s landscape. There are underground streams that are running underneath this property, these hidden waterways gently deposit into the Anahulu stream and flow directly into the ocean just outside of Haleiwa harbor.

Lush Palm Landscapes reshaped the irrigation system and landscape, with the inspiration of ensuring that each part of the property had the element of vivd life, just like the streams of water gently running underneath. We installed a lush driveway landscape planter with lawn parking, full re-do of the the property’s irrigation system and a revival of landscape plantings around the property.

vibrant lush landscape in tropical backyard with serene settings
Before landscape installation of lush plants at iconic home
After the installation of lush tropical plants at estate home on located on oahu's east shore

The entire message behind the design of the Anahulu project was a tranquil landscape design that let you in peacefully and made you feel like you are apart of the garden as you pass through it in the walkways or open your gate to it when you get home from work. It was about inclusiveness.

Driveway lush planting entrance to estate on the east side of oahu
Lush landscape installation of driveway planting for estate home where plants line the driveway
during driveway installation process

Lush Palm Landscapes is dedicated to creating captivating landscapes. With proper planning and thoughtful execution, we craft stunning gravel pathways and install edging to seamlessly connect different areas of your landscape. Our innovative use of Grasspave2 plastic ensures maximum durability, allowing cars to drive on the lawn area in front of your landscape without it sinking into the dirt. Trust Lush Palm Landscapes to transform your driveway into a harmonious and functional space, enhancing the beauty of your property.

lush palm landscapes finished installation of a tropical driveway landscape

Lush Palm Landscapes has a powerful bobcat and we used the breaker attachment to shatter the compacted coral rock underneath the dirt, allowing us to plant these stunning Manila palms that I brought in from my nursery.

Muliwai "Estuary"

Lush Palm Landscapes revived the lush landscape grounds of history with a fresh take of new plantings and landscape design that complements the existing history of this iconic Hawaiian property.

Makana Landscape "Gift"

Makana means gift. This truly gifted estate holds a special essence of beauty and a true Hawaiian style garden designed by Lush Palm Landscapes that stands the test of time.

Anahulu "Haleiwa"

Along the calm river banks of the Anahulu river that runs through Haleiwa town there is a beautiful lush garden designed by Lush Palm Landscapes.

Kawela Bay "Punaula"

Kawela, a charming lush bay on the North Shore of Oahu, offers everything you could ever desire. Nestled in a small community overlooking the bay, this project provides a residence with breathtaking views of both the bay and the serene Punaulua fishpond.

The "Seascape"

A tropical seaside garden designed with sea salt in mind. Hence the name seascapes.

Anthurium Gardens

Lush Palm Landscapes has created some beautiful vibrant anthurium gardens that showcase the true essence of these plants. I love anthuriums, and I hope you do too. Who does not love a plant with a heart-shaped flower?

Irrigation Systems

To achieve a lush garden or lawn, proper watering is essential. Don’t wait for rain and take chance! Lush Palm Landscapes¬† designs, repairs, and installs landscape irrigation that will keep your yard looking lush and vibrant year-round. Invest in your landscape, don’t let it die.

Selected Landscape Works 2021-2024

Selected landscapes created from 2021 through 2023.