LANDSCAPES over the years

Over the years of making landscapes I have selected various photos from different standout installation jobs to showcase some  landscape solutions that I have worked on that have made a big impact once completed.

These projects reflect how design and function create a well thought out landscape improvement to any small garden.  

landscape planting along the seaside of north shore oahu
Native hawaiian plantings


Used wine barrels as a planters for Red Wax Palms to line the driveway landscape. Making the landscape feel “rustic” and look “Lush”.

Lush red wax palms planted along a long driveway gravel driveway
tropical garden bed
seaside garden that provides lush green coverage
during the landscape installation
beautiful garden in royal kunia oahu
wax ficus planting
salt tolerant hau bush for protective planting along coastal edges
beautiful green lawn

Muliwai "Estuary"

Lush Palm Landscapes revived the lush landscape grounds of history with a fresh take of new plantings and landscape design that complements the existing history of this iconic Hawaiian property.

Makana Landscape "Gift"

Makana means gift. This truly gifted estate holds a special essence of beauty and a true Hawaiian style garden designed by Lush Palm Landscapes that stands the test of time.

Anahulu "Haleiwa"

Along the calm river banks of the Anahulu river that runs through Haleiwa town there is a beautiful lush garden designed by Lush Palm Landscapes.

Kawela Bay "Punaula"

Kawela, a charming lush bay on the North Shore of Oahu, offers everything you could ever desire. Nestled in a small community overlooking the bay, this project provides a residence with breathtaking views of both the bay and the serene Punaulua fishpond.

The "Seascape"

A tropical seaside garden designed with sea salt in mind. Hence the name seascapes.

Anthurium Gardens

Lush Palm Landscapes has created some beautiful vibrant anthurium gardens that showcase the true essence of these plants. I love anthuriums, and I hope you do too. Who does not love a plant with a heart-shaped flower?

Irrigation Systems

To achieve a lush garden or lawn, proper watering is essential. Don’t wait for rain and take chance! Lush Palm Landscapes¬† designs, repairs, and installs landscape irrigation that will keep your yard looking lush and vibrant year-round. Invest in your landscape, don’t let it die.

Selected Landscape Works 2021-2024

Selected landscapes created from 2021 through 2023.